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JRFI Technical Committee is continuously keeping checks on the skills & in order to discourage some skills, they are all defined under the umbrella of Illegal Skills. One of the Illegal Skill is Mule Kick on elbows. The skills which may lead to fatal injury are usually considered as Illegal Skills. The jumper who is found to perform such skills shall receive the disqualification as penalty. In order to promote innovation & minimize restrictions all tricks are allowed at NJRC/ZJRC but in order to keep safety a top priority some skills are defined under Illegal Skills. Some Illegal or prohibited moves are

  • Jumping on knees
  • Jumping on elbow
  • Jumping on the head

Jumper or Turner may not use their feet to invert themselves of another jumper or Turner's body, including, not limited to; the back, shoulders, head, knees, leg, chest or lower back, unless they are supported by their hands prior to inversion. When an Illegal or prohibited moves occurs, the Judges will stop the event & jumper (if it is an individual event) or a team (if it is a multi-jumper event) is disqualified from that event.