JRFI has the mission to control, consummate, promote, manage and develop Jump Rope nationwide, through planning, organizing, marketing and promotional activities aimed at developing Jump Rope as a major sport.

 JRFI is working as jumper – centered organization who is working harder not only to consummate & promote the sports of Jump Rope but also to allow the jumpers to get maximum of benefit from it.

In order to spread the charmed of the sport of Jump Rope, JRFI as an organization is organizing National Jump Rope Championships at 3 different states/ places on 3 different dates. So by this the sport of jump rope is promoted in 3 States per FY. Additionally, JRFI’s Technical Department supports the exemplary training by adapting to the innovative intellectual’s capacity of the Referees & Judges. In order to achieve the goal JRFI continuously organizing Referee ship Camps, Clinics all over the India

In order to continuous growth & development JRFI formulated a development plan where JRFI is trying look into almost every key areas. In order to keep an eye on its work JRFI also do ( Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat ) SWOT Analysis.