Jump Rope Federation of India (JRFI)

The Jump Rope Federation of India (JRFI) is focusing on bringing back to glories, laurels & wishes from an International platform. In order to achieve this particular goal, the proper planning is required.




There shall be various international events where the participation of the jumpers is required to feel & judge the competition level. It is not easy to bring medals but continuous hard work of Coaches & jumpers shall definitely make this possible with the ease. The Coaches plays a very crucial & vital role in the development of jumpers. It is very important that the jumper is getting proper guidance from the Coaches. In order to let the Coaches know about various advancements taking place technically in the sport of jump rope, the Technical department is conducting different seminars viz. High-Performance Judges Centered (HPJC) Seminar, Novice Judges Centered (NJC) Seminar etc. Coaching Camps, Simulated NJRC etc. With the purpose of development of technical skills of the jumpers, Technical Department of JRFI is making a call to International Coaches as well as jumper’s time to time. JRFI as an organization has adopted flexible work arrangement, open communication & greater responsiveness to the dynamic environment. JRFI sets the ethical standard & the tasks are divided into separate Jobs. The Administration department looks all the administrative points of view while the technical department looks after every technical aspects & working incessantly to improve the level of the skills of both jumper as well as the coaches.




JRFI encourages a healthy, active lifestyle and a favourable attitude toward physical activity as a wellness activity. JRFI promotes and sustains healthy, independent lifestyles, helps communities grow, and improves quality of life.


We believe that DIVERSITY is strong and that everyone has the right to engage in activities in a setting that respects all people and is free from harassment and discrimination. Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration, and Diversity are values held by JRFI.



Common questions about Jump Rope Federation of India

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A Jump Rope (JR) forms the basic foundation of every sport. Here the Jumpers jump over a spinning rope so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. There are more than 950 different tricks/techniques of jump rope.
In speed competitions, one foot makes contact with the ground for every spin of the rope, and the aim is to do a certain number of these repetitions as quickly as possible, or do as many repetitions as possible in a certain timeframe.
Jump Rope Federation of India registration fees as assessed by council of JRFI and must be paid to JRFI by an agreed date RULES FOR REGISTRATION 1. Registration to be completed 1 week before the Championship and month of January or July for every Year. 2. JRFI Identity Card fee is Rs. 100/- for each jumper for lifetime (Identity Card Fee). 3. In case of loss of ID Card, Renewal fee would be Rs. 200/- for each jumper
The Gender Division will be categorized by JRFI Technical Committee in the following way Male: - All must be male Female: - All must be female

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